Английский пример работы с ответом. Фармация1 - Populi
  1. Словарь:
to distribute drugs


side effects of medications

to monitor the health


effective use

composition of drugs




community setting

health clinic

accuracy of prescription

pharmacy technician

pharmaceutical manufacturer

to provide expertise

extended hours

self-employed pharmacists


распространять лекарства

дозировка лекарства

побочные эффекты лекарства

следить за состоянием здоровья (отслеживать динамику)

эффективное использование

состав лекарств

выработка (составление) лекарства


общественная обстановка


точность назначения

фармацевтический техник


проводить экспертизу

удлиненный рабочий день

самозанятые фармацевты


  1. II. а) Соедините в пары русские и английские эквиваленты слов и словосочетаний:
1. to provide information

2. to be responsible for the accuracy of every prescription that is filled

3. side effect

4. composition of drugs

5. manufacture

6. equipment

7. health insurance company

8. ointment

9. property

10. to ensure the safe and effective use of medication

а. страховая компания

b. свойство

c. предоставлять информацию

d. производство

e. мазь

f. оборудование

g. состав лекарств

h. быть ответственным за точность заполнения рецептов

i. побочный эффект

j. обеспечить безопасное и эффективное использование лекарства


б) Составьте с ними предложения:

1) This website is intended to provide information to an international audience outside of the USA.

2) Mary Nevada responsible for the accuracy of every prescription that is filled, that’s why she thoroughly studies all the documentation.

3) The side effects are not life-threatening but they can affect your quality of life.

4) On the basis of studies being performed and the results of pharmacological investigation the composition of combined drugs was substantiated.

5) The development of the applied science behind manufacturing is covered in the industrial process article.

6) Sports equipment is a general term for any object used for sport or exercise.

7) US News and World Report Best Health Plans ranks the best health insurance company.

8) The vehicle of an ointment is known as the ointment base.

9) A property list can contain another property list as its «defaults».

10) An important role for pharmacists is counseling Alzheimer’s disease patients and their caregivers regarding the safe and effective use of medications.


III. Выберите из трех вариантов правильный:

  1. Pharmacists… responsible for the accuracy of the every prescription that is filled. a) is, b) are, c) to be
  2. They…in research for developing new drugs and testing their effects on people. a) are involved, b) is involved, c) are being involved
  3. Pharmacists work in…. well-lighted, and well-ventilated areas. a) dirty, b) clean, c) awful
  4. When working with sterile or dangerous products, pharmacists wear… a) shoes and gloves, b) hats and masks, c) gloves and masks
  5. Consultant pharmacists may… to nursing homes or other facilities. a) to travel, b) travels, c) travel
  6. Переведите:
  7. Pharmacists are responsible for the acceptance of drugs supply, its accommodation to places of storage, because of different terms of condition for different medicine. Pharmacists are also responsible for the terms of storage.
  8. There are also pharmacists who are in charge of the supply of necessary medicines and also form applications depending on the supply and demand.
  9. And the most important part of a pharmacists’ work is that he consults the customers and sells medicine to them.


  1. V. Составьте вопросы к тексту, используя слова:

1) What kind of drugs should be kept in the refrigerator?

2) Who controls effectiveness of the drug prepared at the chemist’s?

3) Where all medicines are kept at the chemist’s?

4) How long do most full-time salaried pharmacists work?

5) When do pharmacists wear gloves and masks?


  1. Письмо:

My dearest,

now I’m an employee of a «Rhythm» pharmacy working at the prescription department. «Rhythm» is a local pharmacy chain and a member of some Moscow pharmacy assoсiation. The department I work in is one of its retail drugstores.

My dream is to be passed to the chemist department in the central office. I admire my colleagues’ work who are involved in testing strong effective drugs.

However, now I’m still a dispensing pharmacist. The manager of the chemists’ says it’s better for a newcomer to learn simple skills such as distributing and delivering manufactured drugs and dressing material before we try something more responsible.

So, with hopes for the best, I try hard not to forget all the dear Saratov friends.



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